• IKAR Inertia/Recovery Reel (Type 3)

IKAR Inertia/Recovery Reel (Type 3)

The IKAR Inertia Reel (Type 3) recovery reel works in the same way as a car seat belt, with the return spring ensuring that the lifeline is always kept taut, and the braking mechanism responding in the event of a fall.

Saferight markets and distributes the IKAR range of inertia reels in Australasia. The reels are renowned worldwide for their robust design and engineering excellence.

The IKAR Inertia Recovery Reel device is only intended for rescue purposes. After every use, the rescue lifting device must be inspected by an Authorised Person.

Available in lengths from 18m to 42m.

All inertia reels are to be inspected every 6 months (minimum) as required by AS/NZS 1891.4:2009. Saferight offers testing, tagging and inspection services. 


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  • Ranges in length from 18m to 42m
  • Galvanised cable
  • Locks off immediately in the event of a fall reducing the forces generated on the body as free fall distance is reduced
  • Winch enables recovery of a worker from confined spaces
  • Rated to support a single person


  • Working at heights


  • Maximum combined weight including tools shall be no more than 136kg.


  • Galvanised cable
  • Robust aluminum casing
  • Steel Double Action Snap Hook (K5) with a Triple Action Swivel Karabiner (K4)


  • CE marked and certified to EN360
  • Conforms to AS/NZS 1891.3
  • Servicing requirements in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.3 and 1891.4
  • SAFERIGHT is an ISO 9001 Certified Company


  • In accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4, all users of height safety equipment must have been trained in its safe use.
  • Saferight offers a range of Nationally Recognised Height Safety, Confined Spaces and Rescue Courses.
  • Items should always be visually inspected before and after each use, and undergo inspection by a competent person every 12 months in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4
  • Saferight offers a full inspection service for all Height Safety, Confined Spaces and Rescue equipment.