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March 6, 2020
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February 24, 2020

Zip-line Installation at Matagarup Bridge

zipline matagarup bridge

2018 was an exciting year for Saferight as we endeavoured to prepare plans for the zip-line Installation at Matagarup Bridge to complement its bridge climbing experience. Preparations were done by Saferight’s Access Solutions team for thrill-seekers looking climb the 65-metre high bridge and take a high speed zip-line back to the ground.

There are handrails most of the way up and climbers will be decked out in safety gear including overalls to prevent objects falling on to pedestrians below. Using the same fall protection technology as the Sydney Harbour Bridge also completed by Saferight, each person would be tethered to a safety cable with carefully installed staggered anchor points. Mr Mack McCormack, founder and director of Saferight explains that there will be a slip-lock mechanism which works the same as modern seatbelts which cannot move when pulled too quickly. If someone were to trip or move too rapidly they would not make it more than 3 millimetres before the system engaged, stopping them in their tracks and preventing any fall. At the peak of the climb, where the two swan-inspired arches meet high above the river, there is a steel walkway. From this vantage point, climbers will have 360-degrees views where they can take in Perth Stadium, the Swan River and the CBD.

With this zip-line installed by Saferight’s top engineers, climbers would then have the option to take a stroll back down the arches or a high-speed flying-fox-style zip-line back to earth.

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zipline matagarup bridge zipline matagarup bridge zipline matagarup bridge

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