Work Safely at Heights

RIIWHS204E - Work Safely at Heights


RIIWHS204E – Work Safely at Heights




The RIIWHS204E – Work Safely at Heights training course is aimed at those who are required to carry out work at heights. The course covers identifying work requirements and instructions for undertaking the task, accessing, and installing equipment, performing the work at heights and cleaning up the work area.

Students will attain the practical application and knowledge required to work safely at heights including:



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Identify work requirements

1.1 Obtain, interpret and confirm work requirements

1.2 Access, interpret and apply documentation required to work safely at heights

1.3 Identify and address potential risks, hazards and environmental issues, and implement control measures according to workplace procedures

1.4 Inspect worksite to determine layout and physical condition, condition of structures and equipment requirements

1.5 Adhere to legislative requirements

1.6 Select appropriate plant, tools and equipment for the job, inspect them for serviceability and rectify or report any faults prior to commencement of work activities

1.7 Select and wear personal protective equipment appropriate for work activities

1.8 Obtain and interpret emergency procedures, and be prepared for emergency situations

2. Identify work procedures and instructions

2.1 Consult with relevant personnel to select materials, tools and equipment required for the work activities

2.2 Inspect and install fall protection and perimeter protection equipment

2.3 Identify methods of moving tools and equipment to the work area according to workplace procedures

2.4 Ensure the safety system has been installed according to workplace procedures

2.5 Select and install appropriate signs and barricades according to workplace procedures

3. Access and install equipment

3.1 Consult with relevant personnel to ensure anchor fall protection and associated equipment is fitted and adjusted according to workplace procedures

3.2 Ensure all required equipment is installed according to workplace procedures

3.3 Access work area for people, tools and equipment according to workplace procedures

3.4 Locate tools and materials to eliminate or minimise the risk of items being knocked down

4. Perform work at heights

4.1 Check access from ground to work area and ensure it is safe according to workplace procedures

4.2 Keep fall equipment in place and adjusted appropriately for movement during work

4.3 Undertake manual handling of materials and equipment according to workplace procedures

4.4 Locate materials and equipment ensuring that they are safely secured and distributed according to workplace procedures

4.5 Check safety system periodically for compliance

4.6 Monitor risk control measures to ensure that they are effective and appropriate according to workplace procedures

4.7 Reassess risk control measures, as required, in accordance with workplace procedures and undertake alterations

5. Clean up work area

5.1 Consult with relevant personnel to ensure safety system is dismantled and removed according to workplace procedures

5.2 Clear work area and dispose of materials

5.3 Clean and maintain the plant and equipment, inspect for ensure serviceability and rectify or report any faults or issues to relevant personnel

5.4 Process written maintenance records according to workplace procedures


  • Ability to read, write and understand English
  • Present photo I.D. on arrival
  • Complete a ‘Fitness to Complete Training’ form. The student is required to declare any medical issue that may exclude them from full participation
  • Wear normal work clothing, enclosed footwear and remove all jewellery prior to commencement


  • Theory Component: Approximately 4 hours
  • Practical Component: Approximately 4 hours


On successful completion of this Work Safely at Heights course, students will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for RIIWHS204E – Work Safely at Heights.

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) must be supplied and verified prior to issuance.


Your Statement of Attainment does not have an expiry date, however, Working at Heights Association (WAHA) and industry standards recommend retraining every two years.


Group bookings/Onsite training is available at your site or ours. Please email for pricing and site requirements.


42 Belmont Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104


Students will be provided with morning tea and refreshments for all courses run at Saferight.
Saferight has kitchen facilities for people who wish to bring their own lunch or alternatively, there are cafes and lunch bars within close proximity.


Please refer to our Refund/Cancellation Policy

Saferight accredited training certificates


Enrol in a Working at Heights training course to attain a working at heights ticket in Perth

Saferight offers nationally recognised training courses for high-risk industries including construction, maintenance, rescue & recovery, as well as working at heights. We provide relevant and updated training courses for groups and individuals including those looking to attain a working at heights ticket in Perth. 

The RIIWHS204E – Work Safely at Heights training course includes a theoretical and practical approach to working at heights routines and procedures. Upon successful completion and passing of the course, students will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment.  

Book this Work Safely at Heights training course through our website. Send us a message via our contact form or phone us on 1800 352 335 for more information.



Saferight is a registered and recognised training organisation (RTO Code 5722) with an approved scope to deliver Nationally Recognised Training as required by national and jurisdictional legislation within Australia. All of our Height Safety Training Courses are conducted in our high-risk training facility in Welshpool, Perth, which is the largest practical training centre in Western Australia. Our experienced facilitators use the latest safety equipment produced by Saferight and other leading manufacturers to demonstrate up-to-date techniques on how to properly perform and assess situations in working at heights industry. 

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