Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

A Safety Recognition of Current Competency Course (RCC) is a reassessment of an individual’s competency for units of competency previously attained.

Saferight assessors will assess your current understanding and practical application against the required unit(s) of competency.

Theoretical and practical assessments are carried out without training or assistance, however, you will be provided with the assessment criteria used to assess your competency.

Please note written assessments are closed book and competency must be achieved in order to progress to the practical assessment.

We offer Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) assessments for a range of National Units of Competency listed on our scope of registration.

Entry Requirements
Participants must hold a current Statement of Attainment in the Unit of Competency’s for which they are undertaking RCC. The Statement of Attainment must have been issued within the past 2 years.

On arrival you will be required to undertake a theory assessment which you must successfully complete before progressing on to the practical assessment.

2-6 Hours

On successful completion of a Safety Recognition of Current Competency Course (RCC) course students will be issued with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for the unit/s for which they are deemed competent. The Unique Student Identifier (USI) must be supplied and verified prior to the Certificate(s) being issued.

If you are deemed not yet competent you will be given the option to attend the relevant full training course at a reduced price.