This course is designed to provide personnel whose specific job requires knowledge and skill proficiency in standard rope access techniques under the direct supervision of a Rope Access Supervisor or Lead Technician.

This course is designed to provide personnel whose specific job requires knowledge and skill proficiency in rope access techniques where they may be required to perform limited supervision and standard rescue procedures.

This course is designed to provide personnel whose specific job requires knowledge and skill proficiency in rope access techniques and those required for the overall responsibility for the rope access work site and personnel.

This course is designed for those with minimal knowledge and experience in rope rescue. It applies to those who are required to participate in rescue operations as a member of a rescue team and provide emergency care at an incident.

This course is designed to enable participants to perform the recovery of a fallen or suspended worker with a rapid response kit to facilitate the prevention and control of suspension intolerance (Pre-Syncope).

Rope Access Training in Perth

Work at height is precarious in nature, and accidents do happen. However, a well-studied competence in how to respond to rope-access incidents will significantly help to reduce the risk of injury. This is why regulatory bodies in WA insist that those involved with rope-access work carry the proper certification and are aware of how to respond in case of an emergency.

Saferight offers several courses in rope access training. These include in-depth training modules approved by the Australian Rope Access Association (AARA), along with courses covering rapid response and rope rescue.  

Overview of Our Courses Covering Rope Access Training

Here’s an overview of our rope access training courses:

  • Industrial Rope Access (Level 1)
    This course has been designed for personnel whose duties require in-depth knowledge and proficiency of rope access techniques. This is an intensive course that lasts five days, at the end of which the participants will understand and be able to apply the principles of rope access. They’ll also be well-versed in the inspection and care of related equipment, as well as in the prevailing laws and regulations related to rope work.  

    Just as importantly, participants will learn to perform a wide range of ascending and descending techniques – from technical manoeuvres and equipment assemblage techniques to rescue operations. Successful participants are issued a certificate of attendance from ARAA, with validity of three years.
  • Industrial Rope Access (Level 2)
    Following on from the previous module, this five-day course also instructs participants in the ins and outs of rope work. Enrolment requires a valid Level I ARAA certificate and other qualifications.

    Participants will acquire the practical skills and knowledge needed to perform industrial rope access tasks. They will also be well-versed in legislative requirements and be able to tie a wide range of knots. They’ll learn to explain and apply hauling techniques and deviation techniques and to draft a site-specific rescue plan. Successful participants will receive a certificate of attendance from ARAA, which has a validity of three years.
  • Industrial Rope Access (Level 3)
    This advanced is for those who hold a valid Level II ARAA certificate, along with other credentials and qualifications. This course lasts five days and is intended specifically for those who will take on a supervisory role at a rope access worksite. Participants will be taught to apply the principles of rope access along with the legislative and regulatory requirements that govern such work.

    Participants will emerge from the course fully versed in issues related to work permits, work zones, safety management programmes, emergency procedures and much more. Upon completion of the course, they’ll receive an ARAA certificate of attendance with three years’ validity.
  • Introduction to Rope Rescue
    This training course is intended specifically for those with little experience in rope rescue. It’s a primer course that applies to personnel who may be required to take part in rescue operations where rope access is involved.

    Participants will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for a rescue operation, identify potential hazards, conclude rescue operations, identify the need for emergency care and communicate with emergency services. Furthermore, students also learn to clean and maintain rope access equipment, as well as complete documentation required by legislative and regulatory bodies. The course results in a nationally recognised certificate of attainment.
  • Introduction to Rapid Response
    This four-hour training module teaches participants how to perform the recovery of a worker who has either fallen or is suspended. It focuses on the use of a rapid response kit, which is designed to control and ultimately prevent suspension intolerance.

    Over the duration of this training session, participants will learn to prevent pre-syncope, identify correct anchor points, select appropriate knots and demonstrate a range of rapid response techniques. A Work Safely at Heights certificate is a prerequisite for this course, and successful participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Why Choose Saferight for Rope Access Training?

Rope Access Trainer demonstrating skills while suspended from bridge in Perth, Western Australia


Saferight has two and half decades of experience offering training courses in Perth. Our training records have proven results, and when relevant, they’re offered in compliance with prevailing laws and regulations to ensure the certification you receive is officially recognised.

If your team is in need of rope access training and certification in Perth and the surrounding area, we can help. We usually host training courses in our own dedicated facilities, but we can come to you if needed. Call us toll-free on 1800 352 335 to enquire about rope access training at Saferight, or get in touch with us through the website to request more information.