Shutdown Services


Shutdown Services and Support

Our Shutdown Safety Technicians utilise the knowledge and skills they have developed through experience within the resources, oil and gas, construction and mining industries to provide effective advice and solutions that are safe, simple and practical.  This is achieved through inspections of the work area and face-to-face discussions with team members, supervisors and management prior to issuing  work permits.

Saferight Technicians will provide outcomes that comply with current legislative requirements and industry best practice, yet will be flexible enough to be aligned with specific company policies and procedures.

Our Shutdown Safety Technicians capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Suitably qualified Height Safety and Confined Space Safety Supervisors
  • Qualified Permit Issuers
  • Skilled and qualified Authorised Gas Free Assessors, able to test atmospheres in confined spaces, challenge test and calibrate gas monitors
  • Heights Safety Equipment Inspectors
  • Trainers and Assessors able to VOC operators
  • Risk assessments for height safety and confined space
  • Height safety and confined space audits
  • Confined space and working at height hazard identification and risk assessment.
  • Safety observations and recommendations for improvement
  • Technical advice for safe systems for working at height and in confined spaces

Our Shutdown Safety Technicians are qualified and train in the following disciplines:

  • Safe work at heights
  • Heights Safety Equipment Inspector
  • Height Safety Supervisor
  • Enter and Work in a Confined Space
  • Authorised Gas Free Assessor
  • Supervise Confined Space Work
  • Conduct Local Risk Control
  • Issue Work Permits
  • Monitor and Control Work Permits

Should you require any further information or be interested in booking any of the above services contact us today!

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