Construction Training Fund

Subsidies are available to reduce training costs, making it easier for eligible businesses and employees to access the training they need when they need it. For more information on the Construction Training Fund click here.

Sample Calculation

Details Metro Delivery
Advertised course cost $265.00
Hours of training 8
Subsidy at hourly rate $31 x 8 = $248.00
Subsidy at % rate 70% x $265 = $185.50
Subsidy to be paid $185.50
You Pay $79.50

The maximum amount that can be claimed per employee, per course, is $1,300.


For more information and eligibility requirements click here OR fill up our short form here and we will check it for you!

How to Claim

Claiming a Supplementary Skills and OH&S rebate

An eligible trainee can claim a Supplementary Skills and OH&S rebate directly from the CTF via

The following documentation is required to support claims:

[A] Individuals

  • Complete claim form
  • Provide proof of payment (receipt from RTP)
  • Proof of successful course completion (statement of attainment and/or certificate)

[B] Employers

  • Complete claim form
  • Copy of the training provider’s paid invoice/receipt for payment of course
  • Proof of successful course completion (statement of attainment and/or certificate)
  • Invoice from employer to CTF for subsidy (plus GST)
  • Completed survey forms

Claims must be received by the CTF within 12 months of successful completion of the course.

[C] Unemployed participants

If an individual is unemployed at the time of undertaking a short course recognised by the CTF, they must be able to:

  • Demonstrate that they were directly employed in the construction industry in Western Australia for a minimum of six months, within 12 months prior to the date of course commencement; or if no recent work experience is involve