Asset Inspection & Rope Installation

Asset Inspection & Rope Installation


This project was to allow safe access and retrieval of scaffolding personnel over highly hazardous eroding ground (underground conveyors). This structure required 380m of aide climbing to safely access and install a Fall Prevention System, in order to implement a system capable of arresting the fall of a scaffolder within a set distance. This system also allowed for easy rescue retrieval as lowering the casualty down to unsafe eroding ground was not an option.

Regardless of our finishing position of the installation, Saferight was required to climb the whole way back at the end of the day. Due to large distances required of climbing Saferight was required to implement considerable planning and take all equipment, temporary anchor points, lunch and water with the technicians required for the day or at purposely positioned resupply points along the climb.

This task was able to be completed with a series of Restrictive Tripper isolations, and only one isolation of the belt that was aligned with other service requirements which resulted in no delay to production.

This was one of the first Rope Access projects ever undertaken on site and was highly scrutinised by Safety and Management personal. This project was completed within the timeline and budget even with multiple delays to satisfy site personnel’s limited knowledge of Rope Access and resulting safety concerns.