Projects - Roof Access

New Antena Install

Removal and Re-Installation of Microwave Antennas

The task of removing and replacing these 250Kg Microwave transmitters was outside the reach of the crane therefore conventional lifting and lowering techniques utilising a crane were unavailable. Instead, advanced rope techniques were required for the hauling, traversing and positioning the Microwave Antennas and required traversed along the underneath to the helicopter platform with minimal overhead structure available.

Stairwell Works

Stairwell inspection, Structural Repairs, and blasting & painting using a combination of scaffolding & rope access.

Saferight has re-lifed three of the four external stairwells, all of which were over water and traversing three levels. Each of these stairwells were in varying levels of corrosion.

Due to the extent of corrosion access technicians were required to inspect the structure and map areas requiring structural reinforcement. These areas were then scaffolded so that structural repair works could be conducted. The areas not requiring structural repair were then blasted and painted utilising rope access techniques.

Due to the multi-skilled nature of our personnel we were able to facilitate all tasks required to complete the project with a five man team.

Riser Remedial Scaffold

Riser Remediation Scaffold Build

This 18 metre, 17 tonne suspended scaffold (seen in the image to the left) was built utilising a combination of Advanced Working at Heights, Rope Access and Scaffolding techniques.

Rope Access was used to install anchor points for the suspended scaffold then a combination of all access methods were used to complete the build.

Saferight Access Group was able to utilise its expertise to develop a working over water method with increased safety control measures that allowed for greater tolerances in weather conditions.

These working over water methods allowed us to complete this job within the time and budget allocations which was a significant achievement due to the exceptionally bad weather conditions experienced throughout the entire build.

Asset Inspection & Rope Installation

Asset Inspection & Rope Installation of Fall Prevention System

This project was to allow safe access and retrieval of scaffolding personnel over highly hazardous eroding ground (underground conveyors). This structure required 380m of aide climbing to safely access and install a Fall Prevention System, in order to implement a system capable of arresting the fall of a scaffolder within a set distance. This system also allowed for easy rescue retrieval as lowering the casualty down to unsafe eroding ground was not an option.

Regardless of our finishing position of the installation, Saferight was required to climb the whole way back at the end of the day….

Helideck Scaffold

Scaffold for Helideck Mesh Replacement

Due to this area being hard to access a combination of Advanced Working at Heights, Rope Access & Scaffolding was used to complete the construction of this suspended scaffold over water.

Consultation between trades people and our highly skilled technicians enabled Saferight Access Group to design and construct an effective means of access for the works required. Most importantly the job was completed safely and within the time schedule.

With 4 Rope Access/Scaffold operators Saferight Access Group were able to install and remove this structure within a total of 9 days whilst managing high weather conditions. Other restrictions including helicopters landing and departing required strict planning and management.

Rail Bridge Maintenance

Rope Access Replacement of Faulty Rail Bridge Installations

Saferight has recently completed the access and structural fixings modification of two new rail bridges that where installed and found non-conforming to the design requirements.

Saferight was engaged to remove and replace all nuts, spacers, washers and tensioning of all fixtures in accordance with the system design parameters – four days per bridge, with a team of four people…

Conductor Chock Emergency Replacement

Emergency Replacement of Conductor Chocks

Riser Remediation Scaffold Build

Saferight was engaged to conduct rope access scaffolding tasks shortly after a major cyclone. It was identified that during the cyclone that the conductor chocks had been damaged and swept away. Saferight’s personnel were pulled off their project to install new conductor chocks as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

This task was completed in half the expected time frame without any incident.

Removal of Condemned Scaffold

Rope Access Removal of Condemned Scaffold

Saferight had advised the client that the scaffold structure should not be built so close to the water/swell level. This advice was over ruled and combined with abnormally large sea state and tide the scaffold was critically damaged. Due to the extent of damage, the scaffold was only retrievable via rope access methods.

The scaffold was successfully removed and the remaining minor works required on the riser was completed via rope access. This was all manageable and completed with the original team members.

Fall Prevention System

Rope Access Fall Prevention System Installation

Riser Remediation Scaffold Build

This Saferight has installed several rail loading safety systems that required modification and installations onto the rail loading cranes. Normally nineteen (19) cranes are utilised and modified utilising Rope Access as EWP’s cannot access due to unstable ground. Each project took approximately nine (9) full days to install.

The systems where designed to work in conjunction with the cranes and rail loading operations. The systems installed were rated for eight people and were capable of travelling seamlessly through the intermediate anchorage points.

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