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Our Safety Kits Range

Safety Kits For Your Business

Our range of Safety Kits includes all the necessary equipment required for basic roof access or working at heights, and for safe rescue in the construction, mining, and maintenance industries. All of our rope access kits are quick, easy and simple to install and are designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions. We also offer full inspection and tagging services for all height safety, confined space, and rescue equipment. 

Saferight is a leading safety equipment manufacturer and supplier in Perth. As a fully licensed and accredited Australian manufacturer, we produce and stock a leading range of safety kits including roofer kits, miner kits, rescue kits and fall protection kits that meet or exceed AS/NZS 1891.1 standard, making them suitable for use in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Our Quality Assurance Procedures

All safety kits including roofer, miner and rescue, manufactured by Saferight undergo a 100% visual inspection and are designed to comply with AS/NZS 1891.1. Our manufacturing and QA systems are ISO 9001 certified, and we seek to exceed the strict standards that this certification requires rather than simply to meet them. Saferight values the safety of your workforce just as much as you do. All manufacturing and quality assurance processes are designed to meet the very highest standards possible.

Stay Safe with Saferight

Shop Licensed Safety Equipment in Perth

Saferight is a licensed designer and manufacturer of safety hardware and equipment especially for heights/rope-based access and rapid response rescue & recovery. Our line or safety equipment range from a single tool to multiple pieces of equipment that can make a full system – such as our Roofer’s Kit, Rope Access Kit, and Rescue & Recovery Kits. We manufacture all of our safety equipment supplies at our Belmont facility in Perth, Western Australia, where we also carefully source and vet all raw materials used in manufacturing our safety equipment. As such, you can ensure the safety, quality and integrity of our products. 

Further Information

All Safety Kits produced by Saferight are available for purchase with corresponding technical information available for download. If you would like more details of the safety kits we produce, please feel free to call or email with your questions. We will be delighted to provide you with the information you require and to recommend specific products if you need guidance.

If you wish to purchase our Safety Kits in bulk or would like more information about our products and services, please contact the Sales/Support Department on 1800 352 335 or email With Saferight, you can also customise or personalise your order — just get in touch with us so that we can add the name of your company for these new and upgraded Safety Kits for your team!