Safety Equipment Testing & Safety Tagging

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Safety Services – Equipment Testing and Tagging

Saferight offers harness and other safety equipment inspection and tagging services in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009. We provide a full inspection, proof load testing (if applicable), logging and certification service to all your Perth buildings ensuring they maintain compliance with current regulations. Our inspectors are professionally trained and competent to inspect a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) including anchor points, static line systems, safety harnesses, lanyards, ropes and protective equipment alongside ladder, handrail and walkway systems.

Safety Compliance

The Occupational Safety & Health Regulations (OSH) requires that fall arrest equipment and devices provided at the workplace must be inspected at intervals not exceeding 6 months. It is a legal requirement to have your equipment inspected and tagged. 

On completion of the safety equipment testing and inspection:

  • Each piece of equipment is tagged with a serial number, date of manufacture and next inspection date tag
  • A certificate for each piece of equipment inspected is issued

RGBY Inspection System

Saferight uses the RGBY inspection system which allows an easy way to verify that your safety equipment is safe for use or when your equipment is due for inspection.

  • Red – January to March
  • Green – April to June
  • Blue – July to September
  • Yellow – October to December