BOG OUT turns your wheels into winches – A complete vehicle recovery system designed for all ‘off-road’ type vehicles.

Vehicle Recovery System/Kit For Your Business

Being stuck in any situation inside your vehicle with no right equipment to use is really difficult and frustrating. If you are looking for a solution for any mess you get your vehicle into then you are just on the right page! By choosing BOG OUT, your car can escape any situation it finds itself in an easy and uncomplicated way. 

Saferight is an authorised distributor for BOG OUT products in WA, Australia. As part of Saferight 4WD Training, BOG OUT is used in our Nationally Accredited 4WD Training.

BOG OUT turns your wheels into winches. It is a 3.5 tonne, 4.5 m long harness designed to capture a driven wheel and can be used in almost all vehicle recovery situations.

With just simply easy and few steps, you can get your car out of trouble. 

  • Attach BOG OUT on your front or rear wheels with a simple knot.
  • Tie the end to an anchor point or something strong. 
  • Gently drive out.
  • Untie the knot and that’s it! 


Made from exceptionally strong materials, BOG OUT turns your wheels into winches.  It works forwards or reverse, and is suited to sand, mud and snow.  Designed, tested and made in Tropical North Queensland, BOG OUT is a new and unique system.

The  BOG OUT is perfect and necessary for beginner off-road drivers who don’t know the right equipment for getting bogged down. With its very lightweight and synthetic material, BOG OUT is the recommended alternative to the traditional winch. 

Now, what are you waiting for? GET BOGGED OR THE BOG OUT! For more information about BOG OUT, please email

Our Quality Assurance Procedures

As WA’s leading height safety equipment manufacturer and safety equipment supplier in Perth, we know that the high-quality products of BOG OUT would be a good addition to our range of equipment that we stock for usage.

BOG OUT is safe to use, compact & reliable and comes in a handy back sack that can even fit in your glove box. BOG OUT is made in Australia and has been designed & tested in rugged North Queensland for over 10 years.

BOG OUT can be used with most vehicles; cars, 4wds, even tractors and we can custom make to individual specifications as required for ATVs, heavy machinery, military and even motorbikes. See BOG OUT’s Capability Statement 2016

As Perth’s leading manufacturer, all equipment we stock undergoes a 100% visual inspection and is designed to comply with the relevant standards and codes of practices. Our manufacturing and QA systems are ISO 9001 certified, and we seek to exceed the strict standards that this certification requires rather than simply meet them. Since we value the safety of your workforce just as much as you do and with this in mind, every part of our manufacturing and quality assurance processes is designed to meet the very highest standards possible.

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