Roof Access


Saferight offers height access solutions such as the design and installation of permanent static lines (fall prevention systems) for all your horizontal and vertical access requirements.

Certification /Re-certification

Regular inspections, testing and tagging will ensure your premises and workers are safe. Roof safety certification/re-certification involves a thorough inspection of your systems.

Inspection and Maintenance

Saferight is one of Australia’s leading height safety experts and is a certified inspection and service agent of height safety equipment and systems for some of Australia’s leading brands.

Compliance Audits

Saferight’s Heights Safety technicians are trained to conduct audits at your premises to ensure your facility is compliant with the Australian Standards, legislation’s and codes.

Inertia Reel Inspections and Servicing

At Saferight we are licensed by IKAR Gmbh and MSA/Latchways to inspect, service, repair and re-certify a range of IKAR and MSA/Latchways products including inertia reels.

Personal Protective Equipment

Saferight Manufacture and distribute Height Safety, Confined Space, Rope Access and Rescue Equipment.  We are also able to inspect your equipment or teach you how to do this!