All Track Casualty Pulley System

Saferight’s All Track Casualty Pulley System system is a lightweight and versatile 6:1 ratio haulage system, designed specifically for the transference of a casualty’s weight from a loaded line or ledge onto a rescuers line without the need to cut through or damage existing equipment.

Essential for all mines, tower rescue and emergency response personnel, the All Track system provides a safe and reliable method of rescuing personnel. This system should always be used in conjunction with a secondary back up device to provide two anchor point attachments at all times.

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  • 6:1 ratio haulage system
  • 2 m haulage length
    Self contained carry bag including:
  • 12m of 5mm Prussic cord
  • Mini chest ascender
  • Triple action Karabiner


  • Mines rescue
  • Heights rescue
  • Emergency response


  • Weight of the All Track Casualty Haulage System is 0.85kg
  • 5mm Prussic Cord
  • PVC carry bag
  • Karabiner – mild steel triple action
  • Ascender – aluminium body with stainless steel fittings and cam


  • 100% visual inspection
  • Saferight is an ISO 9001 Certified Company