• fire resistant rope

Fire Resistant CAMP Safety Blazer Semi-Static Rope

The CAMP Blazer is a semi-static, 11mm rope that is resistant to high temperatures. With its high strength polyamide core and aramid sheath, it is resistant to heat of up to 450°C

Its diameter of 11mm and weight of 74g/m, it makes this rope perfect for hot works, rope access, construction, mining and emergency responders as it is flame resistant, light and durable. It also protects the users against fire incidences as it will not melt, drip or support combustion in the event of a fire incident.

As semi-static ropes are endowed with moderate stretch, it makes it perfect for users to facilitate interventions and abseils at moderate speed, in high abrasion environments. This rope has improved cut resistance, insulation buffer zone and has a single cover which makes it easy for damage inspection.

It works well with rope access equipment such as ascenders and descenders.

Price: $14.96/metre

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FROM $18.11
SKU: 0811


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  • Flame resistance of up to 450°C.
  • Extra strong & durable with Polyamide core and Aramid sheath
  • Static strength of 35.7kN
  • Light weight – 74 g/m
  • Will not drip, melt or support combustion in fire incidences
  • Semi-static rope is heat resistant of up to 450°C


  • Working at Heights
  • Rope Access
  • Hot works
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Emergency Responders


  • 11mm semi-static aramide rope
  • Aramide sheath – Cover
  • Polyamide – Core


  • 100% visual inspection