• Saferight Equipment Bag

Equipment Bag

Saferight manufacture a range of heavy duty equipment bags in different sizes. The bags are made out of either green heavy-duty canvas or yellow PVC, and have either a zip or velcro closing mechanism.


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FROM $66.54


For all product customisation, please email saleswa@saferight.com.au


  • Manufactured in heavy-duty canvas or yellow PVC
  • Multiple size options


  • Confined Space/Rescue


  • EB1 – 35cm x 20cm x 12cm – Zip-close, Green Canvas
  • EB2 – 33cm x 29cm x 13cm – Zip-close, Green Canvas
  • EB3 – 34cm x 27cm x 14cm – Velcro-close – Green Canvas
  • EB4 – 54cm x 43cm x 19cm – Zip-close, Green Canvas
  • EB5 – 75cm x 41cm x 19cm – Zip-close, Green Canvas
  • EB6 – 50cm x 40cm x 2cm – Zip-close, Yellow PVC
  • EB7 – 46cm x 28cm x 28cm – Zip-close, Green Canvas
  • EB7A – 46cm x 28cm – Round Roll Bag – Zip-close, Green Canvas