Skylotec | Gryphon ascender harness

Comfortable and ergonomic harness with six attachment points, specifically designed for rope work. Compared to the GRYPHON model, it is sold as standard with a triangular screw link and CHESTASCENDER+ chest ascender, which improves its use in rope handling.

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FROM $852.50
SKU: G-1176


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  • Attachment points:
    • Sternal aluminium attachment point, Dorsal steel
      attachment point, Side aluminium attachment point, Sit harness
      aluminium attachment point, Restraint polyester attachment point.
  • Application areas: Arborists, RBA rigging, High ropes courses.
  • Colour: Black, polyethylene terephthalate
  • Harness features: Lanyard parking ring, Integrated chest ascender


  • Hand wash: 40 °C
  • Maximum lifetime: 10 years
  • Maximum hip size: 100 cm
  • Maximum leg size: 60 cm
  • Maximum temperature: 40 °C
  • Minimum hip size: 70 cm
  • Minimum leg size: 50 cm
  • Minimum temperature: -35 °C
  • Padding:
    • Removeable shoulder
      paddings, Back
      padding, Leg
  • Buckles: stick buckle, click buckle
  • Material: Polyamide, Polyester,
    Polyethylene, Steel, Aluminium