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F500EA – Fire Encapsulating Agent

F500EA is a fire‐suppression concentrate which, when diluted with water at just 3%, makes that water 20 times more effective as a fire fighting agent.

With F500EA mixed in the water, when applied to a fire or hot surface, the reduced surface tension of the water produces smaller droplets. These smaller droplets have a greater surface area than plain water and can absorb very much more heat energy, thus quickly extinguishing the fire.

The fire tetrahedron describes the four elements required to make a fire, namely: heat, oxygen, fuel and free radicals. F500EA tackles three of these elements simultaneously:

-F500EA rapidly reduces heat to below the auto‐ignition temperature, a major safety benefit allowing rescue personnel immediate access to the incident scene.

-F500EA encapsulates hydrocarbon fuels and vapours, resulting in a rapid reduction of Lowest Explosive Levels (LELs). Vapours are rendered non-flammable and non-ignitable.

-F500EA also interrupts the free radical chain reaction (free radicals are unburned gases released during combustion, that intensify the fire).

More information can be found from the data sheet and operational manual under the ‘Downloads’ tab below. 

F500EA is sold in containers of 20 Litres. 

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For all product customisation, please email saleswa@saferight.com.au


  • Puts out fire class A, B, C, D & F fire significantly faster.
  • The only product recognised as suitable for Li-‐ion battery fires.
  • Requires significantly less water on any given fire.
  • Any water can be used to mix the F500EA including sea water.
  • Areas sprayed with f500ea solution mix will be inflammable for 14 days.
  • Shelf life 15 years.
  • No modification of fire-‐fighting equipment is required.
  • No special clean-‐up is required
  • Contains no PFOA/PFOS/fluorine – Non-toxic & fully biodegradable.
  • Works well any portable/fixed sprinkler fire suppression system.


  • Residential Homes
  • Industrial
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Maritime
  • Emergency Services


  • Inner component: F500EA Solution Mix
  • Outer Component: Plastic outer layer


  • Certified to Standards NFPA 18:2017 (BSI Certificate: BMP737853)
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Saferight is an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assurance System