F500EA – Fire Encapsulating Agent

F500EA is a fire‐suppression concentrate which, when diluted with water at just 1%, makes that water 20 times more effective as a fire fighting agent.

With F500EA mixed in the water, when applied to a fire or hot surface, the reduced surface tension of the water produces smaller droplets. These smaller droplets have a greater surface area than plain water and can absorb very much more heat energy, thus quickly extinguishing the fire.

The fire tetrahedron describes the four elements required to make a fire, namely: heat, oxygen, fuel and free radicals. F500EA tackles three of these elements simultaneously:

-F500EA rapidly reduces heat to below the auto‐ignition temperature, a major safety benefit allowing rescue personnel immediate access to the incident scene.

-F500EA encapsulates hydrocarbon fuels and vapours, resulting in a rapid reduction of Lowest Explosive Levels (LELs). Vapours are rendered non-flammable and non-ignitable.

-F500EA also interrupts the free radical chain reaction (free radicals are unburned gases released during combustion, that intensify the fire).

F500EA is sold in containers of 20 Litres. 

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For all product customisation, please email saleswa@saferight.com.au


  • Puts out fire class A, B, C, D & F fire significantly faster.
  • The only product recognised as suitable for Li-‐ion battery fires.
  • Requires significantly less water on any given fire.
  • Any water can be used to mix the F500EA including sea water.
  • Areas sprayed with f500ea solution mix will be inflammable for 14 days.
  • Shelf life 15 years.
  • No modification of fire-‐fighting equipment is required.
  • No special clean-‐up is required
  • Contains no PFOA/PFOS/fluorine – Non-toxic & fully biodegradable.
  • Works well any portable/fixed sprinkler fire suppression system.


  • Residential Homes
  • Industrial
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Maritime
  • Emergency Services


  • Inner component: F500EA Solution Mix
  • Outer Component: Plastic outer layer


  • Certified to Standards NFPA 18:2017 (BSI Certificate: BMP737853)
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Saferight is an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assurance System