Giant Descender


An innovative state of the art multifunctional descender developed to meet the demands of the most technical rope access and rescue specialists. The patented internal mechanism combined with light weight, robust hot-forged construction and advanced ergonomics for ease of use and exceptional heavy weight load control catering for loads up to 210 kg for two person rescue situations. In addition to its primary function as a descender, the Giant has a patented “push button” additional features with certified use as a rope grab, fall arrest device with energy absorbing capabilities eg shock absorber. Which is very useful when transitioning from decent mode to fall arrest / work positioning mode on a building ledge or cliff face. This added safety feature offers additional safety during rope transfers etc without the need to “fight with your descender when moving a laterally . The Giant can be used as an ascender with smooth upward and downward gliding features never before seen in a descent device. The Giant can be used as a belay device for lead climbing / fall arrest, making it the most advanced and certified rope rescue tool of its kind in the world market today. This confirms the Giant is the cutting edge of rope rescue technology on the world market.

The Giant from CAMP Safety not only offers a new level of rope rescue / access capabilities, it also offers a NEW level of quality control / third party standards certification on a level, not seen in the world today. This multi level standards certification will give a peace of mind to safety professionals / officers responsible for the welfare of team members and company employees required to work at heights on ropes outside of hand rails and barriers etc.

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This multi-functional Descender is designed for use as:

  • A Descender
  • An ascender with smooth up and down gliding characteristics
  • A belay device for lead climbing / fall arrest
  • Certified for use as a descent / rescue and fall arrest device.

Actuating lever features an anti-panic system that locks the rope and arrests the descent in case of excessive pressure placed on the lever (panic brake)

An extra lock off position so the worker does not have to tie off the device eg change overs.

Smoothest action on the rope

An external button can be used to hold the cam open allowing the rope to slide easily in situations with limited or no load.

The logical circular rope path along with clear internal and external markings makes installation of the rope simple and intuitive.

The device can be opened to insert or remove the rope without removing the karabiner (this helps prevent the possibility of dropping the device).

The patented internal mechanism combines with robust hot-forged construction and advanced ergonomics for exceptional control even with heavy loads (up to 210 kg for two person scenarios).

Suitable for 10-11mm static rope



Robust aluminium body
Weight 540gm


Certified to:

  • EN 12841A/B/C
  • EN 341/2A
  • EN 15151-1
  • ANSI Z359.4

100% visual inspection
Saferight is an ISO 9001 Certified Company