FENAN | portable compressed trolley breathing apparatus

Introducing Fenan Australia’s emergency services portable compressed trolley breathing apparatus. This compact and easy to use trolley comes complete with four cylinders and can be used by two persons simultaneously. The cylinder can be replaced timely, to save time effectively, without affecting the work. Plus the trolley contains anti-corrosion properties making the respirator trolley ideal for a range of working applications including: firefighting, chemical , petroleum, mining and marine industries.  

Essential Details

– Place of Origin: Shanghai, China

– Brand Name: FENAN

– SCBA Type: 2 Cylinder Long Tube Breathing Apparatus

– Respirator Cylinder Volume: 5L, 6L, 6.8L, 9L for option

– Respirator Cylinder Material: Carbon fiber, steel for option

– Respirator Product Name: Trolley Breathing Apparatus

– Respirator Cylinder Quantity: 2 or 4

– Respirator Cylinder Placement: Horizontal or vertical placement

– Respirator Working pressure: 300Bar

– Respirator Connector: G5/8′

– Respirator Hose length: 30m+2*10m, can extended to to 90m


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FROM $6,000.00


For all product customisation, please email saleswa@saferight.com.au


Respirator SCBA Features

* Long Tube Trolley Respirator can be used by two persons simultaneously, ensuring long working hours.
* The cylinder can be replaced timely, to save time effectively, without affecting the work.
* The stainless steel trolley has good anti-corrosion property.
* With foot-brake can be stationary at 30 degrees inclined ground.
* Standard configuration of Medium Pressure tube: With 30m main tube and two 10m branches.
* The total length of MP tube can be extended to 90m according to actual needs, still ensuring the comfortable and smooth air
* Adopting flexible connection between the high-pressure tubes, to avoid accident and effectively prevent the damage of joints
caused by collision or friction.
* The reducer valve with large-flow output can ensure sufficient respiratory flow.


  • Firefighting
  • Emergency Services