FENAN | Personal Rescue Emergence Escape Breathing Device EEBD

Introducing Fenan Australia’s Personal Rescue Emergence Escape Breathing Device EEBD. The EEBD is a positive pressure air breathing apparatus for protecting the respiratory system during an emergency escape. It can be widely applied in the place of oxygen deficit/hypoxia, high or unknown concentrations of toxic gases, endangering human health. Such as fire-fighting, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy and chemical industry, the public emergency.

Essential Details

– Place of Origin: Shanghai, China

– Brand Name: FENAN

– Material: Non-woven Fabric

– Model number: EEBD-SL2000

– EEBD Type: emergency escape breathing device.

– EEBD cylinder material: Steel, Carbon fiber for option.

– EEBD Application: Emergency escape.

– Working Pressure: 300 Bar

– Mask material: natural silicon

– Connector: G5/8′

– Time of using: 20 mins\person


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– Brand: Fenan

– Model: SL2000

– Cyliner Volume: 2L

– Rated working pressure: 300 Bars





– Inhalation Resistance: ≤5 Bars

– Exhalation Resistance: ≤10 Bars

– Alarming Pressure: 55±5 Bars

– Alarming Volume: 90dB

– Rated Service Time: About 10~15mins

– Working Temperature: -30℃~60℃