Saferight is committed to providing the WA mining industry with specialised Mines Maintenance & Emergency Services personnel to ensure you have the right people for the job every time!

Mine maintenance is a high-risk job that requires careful planning and precise execution to ensure that the job is done properly without compromising the safety of the workers. Mine maintenance personnel need to be informed and trained of basic precautions and advanced safety responses. All workers should also be rigged with the necessary safety equipment to ensure that all safety protocols are followed. 

Need on-site mine personnel fast?

  • Saferight is one of WA’s largest specialised mines maintenance & emergency services personnel providers and is the only combined provider that offers customised training in Australia.
  • We are the only specialised mines maintenance & emergency services personnel provider that can supply customised personnel/teams with the exact training and qualification requirements for your job.
  • We have a wealth of professional maintenance & emergency services personnel ready to start on your job today, from high risk to emergency service operators, to mines maintenance shutdown services and many more.
  • Whatever your requirements, Saferight has the personnel/team for you!


Saferight Specialised Mines Maintenance & Emergency Services 

As a trained and licensed provider of Specialised Mines Maintenance and Emergency Services, our range of work covers: 

  • Emergency Medical Officers (EMO) 
  • Mine Emergency Response and Rescue Personnel
  • Shut Down Mines Maintenance
  • Mines Maintenance Personnel
  • Remote Area Advanced First Aid Specialist

For more information,  phone us on 1800 352 335 or contact SAS@saferight.com.au now.

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